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I thought I should take some time to explain a little bit more about my writing. I have a few primary focuses–genre bending, psychologically complex characters, and interpersonal relationships

I call myself a writing anarchist. That meaning, I don’t like to fit into genre boxes or maintain certain arbitrary standards. I write what I want to write without regard for societal standards around the topic. I call myself a genre bender and I’m known for mixing multiple genres together.

Everything I’ve written has been a mix of more than one genre. Silicon Flux is a cyberpunk action-adventure romance with a dash of suspense. Coven is a mix of urban fantasy, suspense, and romance.

I also love psychologically complex characters. I don’t want a character that is obviously good or obviously bad. People are not all good or all bad but rather a mix of both. I also focus a bit on moral relativity, and how sometimes bad things can be done for justifiable reasons. And sometimes villains can still be sympathetic. Life’s more complicated than black and white. People are no exception.

I also like to focus heavily on interpersonal relationships. Even growing up most of my writing had a heavy focus on friendship and romance. The older I’ve gotten the more I explore these themes, and now I have the added bonus of experience. I have recently enjoyed playing around with writing different friendship dynamics in a friend group.

I really enjoy thinking outside the box and trying to come up with new ways of looking at or doing things with my writing. I like to invert tropes, or deconstruct them. I don’t always do this but I like to keep people on their toes (I’m also very fond of plot twists!).

I am quite proud of my writing style and I’ve had a lot of fun finding that. I love to go out of my comfort zone and I’m constantly pushing my own limits. It’s been liberating to write for me and nobody else, as I feel less concerned about, for instance, sticking to genre norms rather than branching out. I’m sure I’ll still find an audience if/when I publish.

Apparently, my siblings also developed these writing interests completely independently of me. We’re doing co-authoring now and have been shown to have insane levels of creative chemistry. We can’t even bring it up in the same room as each other without ending up brainstorming. I am actually amazed, and feel very, very lucky that we work so well together and have such a good relationship.

I’m a little hesitant to say much about what we’re working on publicly yet. It’s a shared universe of independent projects set in a world where magic is real. I have included various folklore creatures that I put my own twist on, with plans to include more. I love folklore, I love the supernatural, and this is absolutely my dream project. It just so happens my siblings love it too.

Other than the folklore world, I’m also working on some other projects, including a cyberpunk novel and action-adventure/thriller novel. These are a bit grittier than anything I’ve done before. I’m excited to get out of my comfort zone again for them.

It feels so good to be hitting my goals, writing has always been my dream and I feel like I’m finally reaching my full creative potential.






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